Ripple has always touted itself as a partner for banks and other large financial services providers, but many critics believe that the company does not give service providers any real compelling reason to use XRP. Ripple critics argue that the large spread of XRP among large companies should not wait. Even some customers said they believe that XRP is too volatile for adoption now. However, a number of companies began to use all three products Ripple — xCurrent, xRapid and xVia — this year. A few financial institutions and payment providers have begun to pilot xRapid, the only product Ripple, which is dependent on XRP.

Cryptocurrency investor under the pseudonym P4man argues that two ideas that Ripple is trying to merge only make sense individually. RipplePay – the idea prior to the cryptocurrency, which allows local communities to have greater control over their currency, it makes sense as an innovative way to send money through a network of people you trust users. And bitcoin makes sense as a new type of digital currency without control.

According to P4man, Ripple makes money on the criminal background of Hobbies, and this is the only “reasonable cause” for which the XRP exists. Critics confirm this by the fact that the company and the related funds own at least 60 billion of the 100 billion XRP.

However, the developers and supporters often describe accounting Ripple products Ripple as a “Trojan horse.” That is, as soon as Ripple is integrated into a sufficient number of banks around the world, they will unleash XRP to unsuspecting financial system. And this is already happening as Ripple starts to encourage companies using xCurrent, go on xRapid for additional liquidity.

Says the main Ripple cryptographer David Schwartz, as soon as you start expanding the number of corridors in which it operates, the Ripple, the utility of XRP increases.

“Imagine a company like Seagate, which pays around the world. If you need to make payments in the five countries in our corridors, you will prefer to keep one XRP than five different currencies, he said in a message on the forum, chat XRP. – If all fails, the price of XRP will increase significantly”.

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