Bank Frick has become the first Bank in Liechtenstein, which supports the cryptocurrency trading, also offers safe storage via offline and offline store. Trade fully regulated Bank. Professional market participants and financial intermediaries can invest in the top five cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, XRP and Ethereum. They can be bought with euros, US dollars and Swiss francs.

– Our services are in demand throughout Europe. This is because they know we can offer them a reliable support in the implementation of their business models with the help of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. We strive to deliver cryptobinding on the same level of quality as traditional banking – said the chief officer work with clients Hubert Buchelay.

For reference, Bank Frick family Bank Liechtenstein with headquarters in Balzers, which was founded in 1998. He also became the first Bank in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, where was launched the tracker in the prices of cryptocurrencies.

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