World Cup 2018 will be accepted cryptocurrency as payment for accommodation during the matches in Kaliningrad. Among the supported currencies is the bitcoin , Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP and other currencies from the list of Free Kassa Wallet.

– For us it’s an interesting experience — we never had to cooperate with the hotels in this format. But the hospitality industry is very advanced to such trends, – said the Director for development of Free-Kassa Vitaly Lavrov.

The announcement was made Buying Business Travel-Russia. It is reported that fans attending the world Cup in Kaliningrad will have the opportunity to pay for their stay using cryptocurrency network Apartments Malina, located in the city. This will be possible thanks to the use of the aforementioned Free Kassa.

Matches will be held between 16 June and 28 June during the group stages of the tournament. It should be noted that all participating countries have a very active community of enthusiasts on cryptocurrencies, so this is a very sensible move to let the visitors of the championship to pay for housing using cryptocurrency.

– Cryptocurrencies are of most interest. Gradually, they will be used as a payment method. And we decided that fans should be able to pay for our services through this innovative technology. It is possible that other hotels will follow suit in anticipation of the football League – said the Manager of the Apartments Malina, Anna Subbotina.

This step, in fact, is the unofficial adoption of cryptocurrency as a legal tender in Russia. Now the country is expected to adopt legislation on cryptocurrencies.

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