The dominance of Bitcoin will soon be over, says CEO of Ripple, brad Garlinghouse. He admits that the relationship between the price of XRP and bitcoin is still very high, but in the end, both projects are separate technologies with open source. Arlinghaus hopes that the stock market will become more rational, reliable cryptocurrency will be, and speculation will go away.

Is still a nascent industry, speculation on the stock market yet dominates in trading activity, says Arlinghaus. – I think that soon people will focus on the stock market better is a matter of time. Happens correction, and many players that actually do not solve problems in the real world just washed away.

Now analysts believe that the future of the stock market is just for projects and cryptocurrencies that solve real life problems using blockchain technology. Currently Ripple is doing exactly that, providing a fast transfer of payments through the border with a few of their products, such as xRapid, xCurrent, xVia and RippleNet.

The current market analysis shows that Ripple continues to suffer from volatile market, triggered by the weakness of Bitcoin. However, for Bitcoins, which is now Cryptocaryon, analysts predict a downward trend. The most likely contenders to be the leader called Ethereum and Ripple as the nearest competitor in terms of capitalization.

It should be noted at the time of writing Ripple, like the vast majority of the leaders of the stock market is in the red zone. However, the decline was less than the percentage for the day. Price per coin XRP 1 Jun ranges from $ 0,61.

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