Apple added a new pair of Ripple XRP in your app iOS devices “Share”. This will allow the Apple users to monitor the prices of cryptocurrency around the world and at any time.

Ripple has the largest number of trading pairs in the Apple.

US dollar, Euro, pound, canadian dollar, Indian rupees, Australian dollar, Japanese yen, Russian ruble, South Korean won and Chinese yuan are in this list. It also includes shares of Apple, Ethereum and Bitcoin. Tracking prices reportedly carried out with the help of Nasdaq, and tracking a pair of US dollars is controlled by Bitstamp.

This indicates the integration of cryptocurrency application for Apple stock. Earlier this week Apple added a currency TRON. However, the Ripple shows the greatest number of Fiat currencies. This news stirred up the community Ripple. It is expected that the Ripple, which recently experienced a serious drop in the market will be restored with this news. The XRP exchange rate increased slightly after the announcement of the Appendix. The price per token after the news increased from 0.60 to 0.62 dollar. Last week, the Ripple has lost a lot in price, along with other cryptocurrencies.

Also add that at the time of writing, the rate of Ripple fell again and amounted to 0.60 per token.

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