Market experts suggest that the results of the summit in Singapore will affect not only the political sphere and traditional financial markets but also on the market of digital assets. At least, courses Asian stocks have already reacted to the meeting of the G7 on the weekend and breaking South Korean Coinrail exchanger. Analysts believe that at the moment the stock market is experiencing a surge of pressure from events occurring outside. It is associated with the volatile nature of the markets and largely the human factor.

Experts had expected Ripple XRP can largely be influenced by the above-mentioned events, including the summit, the US and the DPRK. As you know, in Asia XRP is often considered one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Moreover, since XRP is now at the center of the financial events of this part of the world, so that the results of the meeting, or otherwise, will affect the condition of the coin.

Note, June 12 the top three currency cryptonatica came out in the green zone. For the past day, at the time of writing, the Ripple increased to $ 0,57, the total market capitalization of the asset is now $ 22.6 billion

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