Course Ripple remains low, despite the potential that I see in many cryptocurrency experts. At the time of writing the price per coin XRP is $ 0,49, but the cryptocurrency out in the green zone, adding, according to the website CoinMarketCap, almost 5%. Some analysts still believe that Ripple will be one of the biggest players of the stock market in the coming years. And although traders have been concerned about the behavior of the rate of Ripple XRP, some experts argue that the lower rate Ripple will not fall and that now is the favorable moment for the purchase of coins.

The partnership between Korea and Bithum Pay Service will increase the price of Ripple

Bithum, the world’s largest crypto currency exchange from South Korea, recently started the cooperation with Korea Pay Service to create a secure cryptocurrency payment system for residents. According to analysts, this will lead to an increase in the number of cryptochironomus in South Korea. As the argument is the situation that happened a few months ago, when South Korean traders to 100% increased the price of Ripple: some experts believe that it could happen again.

Uphold and London Block Exchange added Ripple (XRP)

Uphold allows you to buy and hold Ripple without a fee per transaction and convert it in 7 other cryptocurrency courses and 23 Fiat currencies and 4 precious metal. London Block Exchange – the only cryptogenic in the UK. According to experts, this addition also should positively affect the price of your cryptocurrency.

The Dutch Central Bank joins the list of potential partners.

Ripple is already used as a payment system, two American and one German Bank and many other financial institutions are also experimenting with the Ripple network. The Central Bank of the Netherlands also recently identified the Ripple as a suitable solution to ensure faster and more efficient payment system.

Western Union has released an app, presumably on the basis of the Ripple

Western Union and Ripple worked together to create solutions for users worldwide. It voplotilis in the application of Western Union, which supposedly uses the Ripple network to allow users to send funds to more than 500,000 agent locations around the world. The 24X7 service will allow users to quickly and securely transfer funds to users in all parts of the world.

Coin promotion will lead to higher prices

Ripple (XRP) with remarkable frequency gets into the media with news about the cooperation with major players worldwide. One of the reasons the price is still low, according to some analysts, is that the three programs calculate payments, created Ripple, do not use coins XRP. However, investors buy more and more coins, which in itself will lead to higher prices, since the number of XRP coins in circulation will decline. In addition, investors themselves are promoting Ripple. And if the partner institution will really start to use Ripple coins, the price almost instantly breaks through the ceiling.

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