One of the developers of Google Amir of Sarhangi assumed the position of Vice-President for product development RippleNet.

The company Ripple confirmed that Sarhangi joined the company from Google to develop and support a network RippleNet. Sarhangi worked at Google from 2015, after the purchase of his startup Jibe Mobile. Startup engaged in the development of wireless technology for text messaging RCS.

RCS considered a replacement for text messaging like SMS. This system has been studied and applied by such companies as Apple and Samsung. RCS is similar to iMessage, but will not be tied to a specific operating system, as the messenger from Apple.

You can see that Ripple is trying to do a lot of strategically important actions and demonstrates the positive business dynamics. Recently, according to the latest report Ripple, for the third quarter were sold 163,33 of millions of dollars in tokens XRP, which is two times more than sales in the previous quarter.

It is also worth Recalling that not so long ago Ripple was a member of the group of Klein and Johnson, which will lobby for cryptocurrency in Washington. This group will allow participants to advance the interests of the blockchain-companies in developing a regulatory cryptocurrency industry documents. In addition, the Ripple will act as one of the investors group.

It also became known that the Vice-President of the division data Ripple Matt Curcio joined the Board of the investment platform for blockchain projects Pledgecamp. With him the Council includes the head of Zuckerberg Media Randi Zuckerberg and co-founder of TechCrunch Keith Ter. The platform itself will soon be released on ICO, intending to collect $ 3 million.

Add, at the time of this writing, the XRP exchange rate amounted to $0.44 per token dynamics for the past day amounted to -3,51%.

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