Representative of American Express stated that Ripple has the potential to revolutionize the field of cross-border transactions worldwide.

During the conference Wings of Change Europe in Madrid, Spain, General Manager of corporate payments Carlos Carrido noted that this potential was one of the reasons why the integration of the blockchain is so important for the company.

It is obvious that the XRP has attracted the attention of the company as the preferred tool for the routes of the blockchain, if Carrizo really expressed a vision for the future development of financial services worldwide Amercian Express. He spoke about why his company believes that Ripple will become an important partner of the blockchain in the future.

Blockchain is the best option in the future. Just so you understand, we have invested in financial technology, based on the technology of the blockchain, to understand how best to integrate this technology to our customers. We tested cross-border transactions with Santander and Ripple. And in just a few seconds during the testing, our customers were able to transfer funds from one part of the world to another, said Carrido.

Ripple itself recently, along with several other blockchain companies formed the European blockchain-an Association called “the Blockchain for Europe”, which aims to bring clarity to the disparate debate on the blockchain in Europe. Such, undoubtedly, increases the confidence of players like American Express, that Ripple becomes a really powerful participant of the block chain industry.

Ripple is working on its global network. Working with American Express and working with Santander on reducing the current inefficiencies cross-border payments, the company has improved its position in the industry. In addition, the Ripple had the opportunity to work in China. Santander representatives stated that working with Ripple, the Bank wishes to radically change cross-border payments, creating a strong Alliance between the two companies.

– That’s not all. There are still many things that can be solved by using the blockchain as a technology. And it sounds very promising. The future is definitely digital. In digital options the payments will be spread both on the consumer part of the business and commercial part of the business, said Carrido.

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