Recently, the famous American economist, a Professor in this field and a columnist for the New York Times Paul Krugman accidentally caused this thread to Twitter with regards to cryptocurrencies, on the question of using XRP.

– If the virtual currency is used for transactions, whether she, you know, to be called a currency? wrote Krugman in his Twitter.

The words of Krugman were a response to the recently published article by Nathaniel Popper “Here’s some cryptocurrency. Now please use it” (Keep the cryptocurrency. Now try to use it). The article reports on the drawings Ripple for the potential user of the token, such as for example Snoop Dogg, who in may held a concert for fans of XRP.

XRP is the third place in the ranking of cryptocurrency in accordance with its market capitalization, making it one of the biggest cryptocurrency in the world. However, recently, Ripple has been in the news with regards to the hoaxes of their tokens, which were aimed at promoting the use of XRP. It’s called external criticism, since it creates the view that XRP is only used for speculative trading.

Moreover, the Ripple in this year launched the Xpring — project assistance and funding startups focused on XRP. Last year in October 2017 also began the launch program Ripple Accelerator, which the company planned to create a system of rewards for organizations that use three products Ripple. Thanks to the efforts of the efforts of several services, remittances have already started to use the technology of Ripple for cross-border transactions.

The thread is also featured on the Creator of BitTorrent, Bram Cohen, when he said that Ripple is a centralized system account token and not a cryptocurrency, which “could create either an idiot 20 years ago.”

In General, in the thread involved people who disagree with the position of the authors of the thread and article, it was mentioned that the author often went off from the topic and talk about a common misunderstanding of the context of Krugman and Popper.

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