In January, the General Director of Ripple brad Garlinghouse announced that three of the five leading global companies to transfer money will start testing the technology XRP. The first company to introduce implementation report, was MoneyGram, which gave a small increase in the rate of Ripple. Earlier this week, Western Union joined the test for XRP payments. And this collaboration can give great opportunities.

Ripple have such technology not only to modernize the system of money transfers, but also to change the way people transfer money around the world. It is already integrated into the already established system to transfer money. But what if an enterprising developer will create an easy to use platform which allows anyone to surf the Internet and to send currency anywhere in the world? All of this will require Internet connection and money to buy XRP and convert it into the currency of the country. Coinbase and other exchanges offer this function, but they do not focus specifically on the market using remittances. The world is still rapidly comes to globalization, Africa and the South Pacific join the online economy and then Ripple could play a greater role than originally anticipated.

Investors cryptocurrency — people who hope for a bright future growing technology. And a growing list of scandals involving theft and the subsequent price drops, darkened their hopes. But the partnership of Western Union and Ripple, Ripple showed as one of the most reliable companies in the market. No other cryptocurrency, even bitcoin, can not boast the same speed of translation, which have XRP.

Despite the fact that MoneyGram and Western Union only testing the technology, and don’t make a full-fledged partnership or long-term commitments with Ripple, it creates the market conditions for the exponential implementation of Ripple. Now every company in the money transfers industry needs to pay attention to Ripple and create plans for contingencies for implementation of XRP. Business is a competition. Investor and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel argues that only technologies that bypass the competitors are 10 steps ahead have the chance to become the industry leader. Ripple have such potential. XRP cheaper, faster and safer than any common form of currency in the market.

This does not mean that soon it will be possible to buy coffee from Starbucks for XRP, but if Ripple can continue to develop important partnerships, exponential implementation is not far off.

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