The largest platform for trading cryptocurrencies according to the overall trading volume Binance recently announced that the results of the vote XRP is the best token for sending and receiving funds. Despite the fact that the vote continues, the benefits of using XRP as an intermediary for cross-border Fund already abound. In its idea of cryptocurrency was developed by Ripple as a tool for liquidity.

In spite of the continuation vote, a positive opinion from Binance very important, especially for investors and for the community XRP. However, this support revived some of the fundamental debate about whether or not XRP is necessary for the functioning of the products Ripple. This is due to the fact that unlike the recently launched xRapid, the developer promotes the use of xCurrent and xVia. Companies or financial institutions that agree to use one of these two products are not required to use XRP as a tool of liquidity. But when they do, the experience shows that the use of XRP can help you save up to 70 percent compared to traditional payment methods. Furthermore, the inclusion of the XRP for transfers of funds to help meet the needs of the customer base, providing high speed and security thanks to the secure Protocol, RTXP, through which are conducted the transaction in XRP.

Needless to say, Binance too advocated the use of Ripple and XRP. In particular, they believe that XRP is good for Japanese investors, thanks to which it was made the most transactions for the last knock. They amounted to 667 million dollars. However, the total trading volume recorded yesterday, transactions, with XRP is about 133 dollars. At the same time, BitBank, a platform that allows you to convert XRP to Japanese yen, made a transaction with XRP in the amount of 89 million dollars, thus becoming the third largest transaction with XRP exchanges, beating BitStamp, Huobi and UpBit.

At the moment the exchange rate XRP stable, but he suffered a fall. At the time of writing it was 0.49 $ per token, however, the XRP community, therefore, is important for Ripple and XRP events of the conference Swell can help to raise the rate to 1 dollar in the coming days.

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