Volatility is an integral part of the financial markets, but drastic fluctuations of the exchange rate XRP scare even the most daring investors. The only solution is to follow the positive long-term trends in XRP. This morning the XRP exchange rate fell below 1.00$ for the first week, dropping to the level of 0,89$. However, we decided to collect three news which fall under the definition of positive trends.

First, is the publication of Ripple on the algorithm of XRP. 2 Ripple report, in particular the first, are intended to show the successful cooperation with the big banks Ripple and services for the exchange of cryptocurrency and thus, to push the other players on the market to integrate technology Ripple.

Secondly, enhancing protection. These reports also cover the topic of security. According to Ripple, at the moment, only public entities with their resources, can pose a threat, but they want to exclude even this possibility, improving the quality of technology. It can also increase the confidence of investors in XRP.

Thirdly, there is the forecast of JPMorgan, which believes that Ripple may be a serious competitor to the SWIFT. To become the market leader in cross-border payments — it is the goal of Ripple, and now few people believe that it has no chance for this. And cooperation with JP Morgan, which raised its rate Ripple up to 1$ per piece only proves it.

Recall that at the time of this writing, February 24, the Ripple rate is 1.01$.

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