Eight of the ten top currencies of cryptonatica today are in the green zone, the rate of Ripple also shows a slight recovery to 2% in the past day. Price per coin XRP is now at $ 0,54. Analysts expect that the recovery will continue. Traders there are at least two reasons for optimism about the Ripple.

Security or not?

A few days ago in the Global report Coin Report emphasized that the Ripple has not received the status of the securities, exactly as Ethereum. It may take time before the Commission the SEC will announce that XRP is not within its regulatory framework. William Hinman, the Director of the division of corporate Finance of the SEC, noted that Ethereum is now working as a highly decentralized network, the mechanism of regulation of cost tokens is difficult to predict. This statement is the first reason why the Federal government give you reason to be optimistic about the XRP currency is decentralized and separate from the parent company Ripple.

Thus, experts believe that the current lawsuit filed against the company Ripple fall apart, and it’s only a matter of time. Recall that the lawsuit was filed by a group of traders who have lost 30% of their investment due to market decline. The plaintiff claims that XRP is an unregistered security and wants the parent company paid the legal bills, the cost of the claim and penalties.

Ripple in the Federal reserve system

Another reason not to give up on XRP – the appointment of one of the top managers of Ripple, Ryan Paddock, in the steering Committee of the fed for accelerated payments. Paddock joins the Committee of 16 people representing numerous stakeholders in a large workgroup (over 300 participants). A steering Committee that represents them, gives recommendations on how to implement the vision of payment system of the United States to act quickly, everywhere, safely and effectively by 2020.

The pen can provide its expertise in issues associated with Ripple, financial institutions, regulators and Central banks. Currently, Ryan is head of the research group Ripple business development. He promised to use the global experience of the Ripple, as the target group is evaluating ways to increase speed, efficiency, access and competition in payments in the United States. This election to the steering Committee means that Ripple has shown himself to the Committee of the Federal reserve system and those in the target group. Perhaps it was only a matter of time when the fed joins RippleNet and starts using other products Ripple.

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