At the end of June, a subsidiary of Alibaba Ant Financial has launched e-wallet, based on the technology of the blockchain, which allows to make payments between Hong Kong and the Philippines. In the first transaction, which was attended by Jack MA, a payment made with Mary grace in the Philippines, was completed in seconds. In one of the reports it stated that the period of time necessary to complete a transaction, is only 3 seconds.

This leads us to the first reason, why the application can work with xCurrent or XRP. Comparing a 3-second transaction rate with transactions that are made using XRP (an average of 3.3 seconds), you can see a huge resemblance. The XRP Ledger, to date, the only Ledger that can conduct transactions with such speed. In addition, the app Santander also showed the same speed at the beginning of June. The app works on xCurrent from Ripple.

The second reason for which the application Ant Financial can work with the XRP, is the link Justin Sana with Ripple and Jack MA. Before you begin the Tron project, Justin was the chief representative and Advisor at Ripple Labs greater China. Justin is also a student of Jack MA. Justin is the first graduate of the University of Millennials Humana, which was created by Jack MA.

Thirdly, AliPay and WeChat Pay work for dLocal, which is a cross-border payment service that works with technology Ripple. The same AliPay HK (version of the application for Hong Kong region), facilitated the payment of Mary’s grace through their app which sent the money to the GCash wallet in the Philippines. Therefore, by combining different wallets, mobile application AliPayHK may have used software-based xCurrent from Ripple to control the transaction.

The fourth reason why the payment application AliPayHK may have used technology Ripple is the speed at which the service was created. Taking into consideration that Ripple Labs has spent over 6 years perfecting his Ledger, the creators of AliPay could not come up with a similar technology of the blockchain in less than a year. Knowing how business transactions are made in corporations, Alibaba, that probably would not reinvent the wheel, has signed a partnership with Ripple, which probably included an agreement not to disclose information.

In conclusion, the payment application AliPayHK, which facilitated the transaction, Mary grace, showed too much speed, and therefore probably used technology Ripple. The speed and convenience of transactions indicate the platform on Ripple.

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