One of the most popular virtual currency XRP continues to evolve not only due to the Ripple, but also other third parties. One of the latest positive news about XRP — emergence app Tip Bot in Apple’s App Store and Google Play by Google. Other important news for XRP over the last month associated with a product xRapid and Ripple financial report for the third fiscal quarter.

Ripple is trying to find its place in the digital industry cross-border payments. This market is currently owned by SWIFT and others less well-known and ineffective systems that help financial institutions to send and receive money from different countries.

Also an interesting report from Lennard Neo Picolo Research, which showed that the intrinsic value of XRP should be around $ 1.75. This means that XRP will increase in value over 280%, to match this one.

However, to achieve greater decentralization, over the cryptocurrency need to work even harder. Despite the fact that the company has made significant progress, the Ripple should continue to focus on this issue.

A few days ago, 21000 XRP was donated to the hospital St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital using the Tip Bot and Coli. The Tip Bot was created by an independent developer XRP Viets wind, which also has other projects he wants to implement in the future. Donations were collected in just 4 months, and the main goal is to reach 25000 XRP.

But that’s not all to Ripple and XRP. Canadian platform for cryptocurrency exchange CoinField, set XRP as the main base currency. The service now offers trade pairs with 20 XRP.

The decision was made due to the rapid transaction, a small transaction levies and reliability offered by XRP.

–In a very short period of time XRP has established itself as one of the most reliable and cost-effective networking of the blockchain in the industry, – said General Director CoinField Babak Bob Races.

Other fiat-currency, represented on the exchange, US dollar, Euro, British pound, Japanese yen and canadian dollar.

At the moment, XRP has a market capitalization of $ 19 billion. He also remains the third largest virtual currency after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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