This week Android Pay renamed Google Pay. Obviously, this giant market with great interest to the instant payments. Analysts believe that re-branding can be considered a response to the imminent release of the Litepay, which promises to be the first on the market, providing a gateway to pay for ordinary goods and services using Litecoin. According to analysts, in this situation, the cooperation of Ripple and Google seems very promising and may radically change the world of cryptocurrency trading.

The first reason for this opinion is a bit unusual, because it is not technical. Google must contact Ripple for the simple fact that Ripple (XRP) has the potential. Whenever we open Internet, we see a new partnership or a new Bank willing to work with a team of Ripple and their proposed solutions payment payments, which positively affects the rate of Ripple (XRP). One recent example is the testing of payment services Ripple Bank of Saudi Arabia (SAMA).

The second reason experts call the widespread benefits of using Ripple as a payment option. Transaction costs for traders here is minimal – the cost is only $ 0,0004 per transaction Ripple. In addition, each transaction takes 3.3 seconds in the Ripple network, this speed corresponds to the speed of a Google search that returns instant results.

The third reason why Google Pay you may need to Ripple (XRP), called compatibility and integration with other providers of money transfer services, which are already planning to use the Ripple. Moneygram and Western Union have partnered with Ripple test and Ripple network for the system of payment of accounts for money transfers. Analysts compare the current system with the car: Google Pay, Moneygram, Western Union and Banks is four wheels, and Ripple is a chassis that holds everything together.

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