The last occasion which attracted the attention of cryptoendoliths to Ripple is the official launch of the Rippled Version 1.0.0 statement of the European Bank Santander on usage statistics from OnePay FX Ripple in international transfers and the expected launch of the platform for kriptoloji holding SBI Group.

Rippled Version 1.0.0

On Friday, June 1, Ripple officially released version 1.0.0. For development updates, according to the official information, took six years. Rippled is a peer to peer network which works XRP. “V1.0.0 indicates the growing maturity of the software and increased stability of the growing decentralized network of nodes that are using this software around the world,” said the official website of cryptoprocta.

Users, managers Rippled server, warn that the go to version 1.0.0 is needed by Thursday, June 14, 2018. Otherwise, the server will be blocked, that is, the user can conduct transactions, check account, vote for future amendments and to participate in the consensus.

The partnership with the Bank Santander

Partnership Ripple-Santander is very important as Santander became the first major Bank in Europe, which began to use the blockchain Ripple. Analysts see this as a bright step Ripple in the financial industry. This partnership is not new, but very valuable experts referred to the recent statement by the Executive President of the Santander Group, Ana botín that now “half of annual international transfers of Bank is carried out using the blockchain Ripple” in other words, millions of customers of Santander Bank in Europe now have access to cross-border payments that are happening now much faster thanks to the development of Ripple.

Start trading platform SBI Holdings

SBI Group (is one of the leading companies of banking services to Japan) plans to launch a service for trading digital currency. Earlier it became known that the portal will support trading in multiple cryptocurrencies from the top rating: it’s Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

– XRP is faster, cheaper and easier scalable than any other digital asset. I firmly believe that it will become the global standard for digital currencies, – said General Director of SBI Holdings, Hesitate Kitao.

Ripple concludes all of the new partnership, the company’s products are gaining momentum, and it only enhances the popularity alithina. Note, at the time of writing the rate of Ripple shows a positive trend, the growth for a day or more than 3%, the price per coin XRP has risen to $ 0,66.

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