The company is rebranding koina and recalls that this project is open source.

In Ripple I believe that the coin is XRP could become a global medium of exchange and should not be associated with a specific company. Even despite the fact that XRP is a currency symbol consisting of the letters X and acronym words ripple the same as the XMR for the Monero.

To break the link with its own coin, the company invited users to create a new logo for XRP:

Order XRP perceived as a currency, it needs its own symbol. Like the dollar sign $, XRP need a universal symbol to represent one XRP. The current logo is perfect when handling to company, and it is not necessary to change, but need to create a new character for a separate digital asset.

Anyone can submit their version of logo for XRP on the website Site visitors will be able to vote for up to 7 June. Three winners will advance to the second stage where decisions will be taken by the representatives of the company. The contest does not involve rewards or prizes.

At the time of publication the symbol for XRP significantly outperforms competitors by the number of votes

It is believed that Ripple wants to move away from the currency so as not to fall under American securities laws. Ripple coin has already been compared to security tokens, but the company stated that XRP are not. If the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA recognizes XRP securities, it will affect the prices and availability of coins on the U.S. exchanges.

The official version of Ripple is based on the fact that the XRP blockchain is a decentralized project open source, so any company can use technology to their advantage.

However the bulk of the commits in the code, leave the staff of the Ripple. Also for XRP node requires permission from one of the servers The company owns 55 billion XRP, which is locked in its vaults. It looked like an open and decentralized currency.