Jonathan Habicht — captainvalor.

Every time a Bitcoin comes to the resistance at 4100, casts us down. A close above 4100, obviously, will lead to upward momentum, but at the moment we don’t have enough volume on the buyers side.
The line with points on a chart attempts to determine the trend / support. While it is unclear how strong it is.

Matt Odell , co — presenter of the podcast Tales from the Crypt.

The best lessons about Bitcoin in 2019 will give the payment system, banks, platforms and legislators.

Every time they will squeeze the Vice, they will increase the value of Bitcoin to a new group of people. The threat to your livelihood is the best source of motivation.

Bitfinex — cryptocurrency exchange.

We are aware of some problems on our platform and we are quickly working on a solution. Be sure that all funds are safe. Thank you for your patience.

Jonathan Habicht — captainvalor.

To react emotionally regarding their investments is bad. Not to set themselves targets for profit taking and blind HODL even worse.

2018 was supposed to teach you that you should always have a plan. HODL is not a strategy, an ideology.

The Dog Crypto — blockchain investor, trader, miner.

The wisdom of crowds tells us that we face a bleak 2019…

Does anyone remember what the wise was the crowd last year at this time?

Alex Krüger is a trader, economist.

The current rebound in the stock market is the fifth rebound in 2018. Take, for example, $ETH:

January: +63%
February: +72%
April: +125%
September: +49%
December: +95%

(Despite this, $ETH still 90% below peak)

The question is always the same: “this time it’s different?”

Perhaps, and here’s why:

— BTC within the long-term trend lines.
— With the collapse of the prices of natural pressure from sellers (e.g., miners) is decreasing in USD, so the market is easier to absorb the offer.
— ETH for the hard fork Constantinople will lead to reduced supply of coins.
— BAKKT and other positive.

Although the reasons to believe that this time all the same enough. But in the New year I really don’t want to post a bearish analyst!

Yassine Elmandjra analyst scriptaction.

Nature FUDа on Bitcoin cannot be understood.

After three consecutive drops of difficulty, the longest series in the history, PoW Bitcoin difficulty increased by 10%


Frank Chaparro , a former financial reporter, post the latest news about important people.

Bakkt it’s like your parents during a long trip.

Children: “and when we have these futures with physical delivery?”

Parents: “six weeks.”

Children: “but you said it six weeks ago!”

Tone Vays — trader, Bitcoin maximalist.

UPDATE FOR 2019: still think we’ll run 3K.

A 10% fall below 1K for the final bottom
40% — bottom in the region of 1-2K
20% of the bottom in the region of 2-3K
30% is the bottom for Bitcoin already

When will the ATH:
10% in 2019
40% in 2020
45% in 2021
4% after 2021
1% — never

Androgenic Bomb — testosterone, rationality and IQ. A professional trader.

The people on Twitter know absolutely NOTHING about fundamentals of cryptoprocta.

I paid one of the best blockchain developers in the world for the analysis of the TOP 100 cryptoprocta.

What a surprise, 99% of them were garbage.

A large part of the investment advice that you read is the result of a cursory viewing of the website by the child with an average IQ, followed by efforts to carefully read the whitepaper not realizing 90% written.

The same child, which randomly generates a value judgment based on his emotions, prejudices and opinion of the majority, suddenly become an expert on trading and blockchain. As a result, he continues to post on his page an incompetent analyst, charts with triangles, chulachuli and other nonsense, and gaining 50 thousand subscribers.