2018 could be a breakthrough year for cryptocurrency wallets. Wallet Bitcoin.com intends to reach 2 000 000 downloads and integrate Shapeshift into its platform. More recently, Edgebased in San Diego, has released its wallet after three long months of beta testing, and it became fully available on February 15. On approval, it will provide “private, secure and easy to use multi-active wallet open source.”

Wallet Edge is already available for users

“After more than a year of intensive development and three months of beta testing, our long-awaited multi-active wallet is now fully available to users,” happily announced CEO Paul Puey Edge.

The majority of bitcontrol already recognize that Edge is similar to the Airbitz, popular wallet, created in 2014. By 2015, the company “Packed tools that make the Airbitz Wallet cool, the kit for software development (CBO) that developers could use for their own applications. Since our ‘Security Edge’ CCO was integrated into the top of the blockchain projects, such as the Augur, Wings, and Openledger.” Because of this, CCO, the company was able to focus more on security, and last fall she announced the change of name and primary focus.

PUA, he is a well-known entity in the ecosystem and, as a rule, is a leading speaker at conferences on the cryptocurrency around the world. Wallets are a key to adoption of cryptocurrencies, and he considers the actions of his company as a way to simplify the user experience while maintaining security. And so often as the consumers account are stored many thousands of dollars, trust and confidence in the platform storage is a key aspect.

Nicehash, Parity and to what extent the exchange Coincheck — all are glaring examples of losses associated with the lack of security hot, even multi-SIG wallets.“ Edge is the integration of three main areas: the Hyper-secure and confidential private storage, a convenient interface for blockchain networks and services, as well as a solution for SSO for decentralized applications,” said PUA.

Based on this, Airbitz / Edge has record level security. Edge will have built-in support for bitcoin cash, tokens, wings, ether, bitcoin core, litecoin, dash, and augur. “We are also the only multi-active mobile wallet, which allows users to manually add tokens on the basis of the ERC-20, which initially we do not support,“ however, including transaction support, Segregated Witness (SegWit) like bitcoin and litecoin,” it is the function, advocated by supporters of bitcoin core. In the same way as Bitcoin.com Edge “closely integrated support for Shapeshift! This will allow users to easily convert between various digital assets and tokens, which we support.”

Their road map includes some very handy features wallet Airbitz, “such as the exchange of Fiat and mobile recharge.” The company has high hopes for the Edge, “hypothetical users with no digital assets of any kind, will be able to download our app for free on iOS or Android, to exchange Fiat to bitcoin, exchange bitcoin tokens in Ether and Augur, and finally use our purse to enter the Augur is a decentralized application. In Augur, the user will see and make transactions with the same tokens that they keep in your purse Edge”.

It’s a new era for cryptocurrency ecosystem in relation to technological achievements of the wallet, because a high-quality platform increase the autonomy of users, helping to further decentralize the community.