Reindeer is a transformational platform that provides for the rationalization and democratization of the current cloud computing system by use of the potential of blockchain technology. Platform had problems in traditional cloud computing, including downtime, lack of reliability, flexibility , and proposed an effective solution for creators around the world.

Reindeer-simplified and decentralized decision

Like Github, Reindeer intends to build a large repository,which provides the best opportunity for the creators of cloud design to optimize cloud computing. It collects high-quality cloud-based projects from makers around the world and offers people an easier way to develop high-quality online content. The platform also plans to reward creators in their system of rewards to encourage creative ideas.

Extensive hub cloud hub

Reindeer provides clients with cloud computing , the combinations and configurations that are required to create a functional web site. The network also collects high-quality cloud projects, which users can choose the exact configuration in the shortest possible time. In addition, users can also develop their own design and share on the platform. Registering your personalized designs on the platform, creators will be rewarded with tokens Reindeer. With this reward mechanism Reindeer are going to encourage creators and developers to present their unique projects and to obtain monetary benefits.

Interactive workflow for creating and sharing

Platform Reindeer has a decentralised approach that allows the network to create a flexible workflow that facilitates the entire design process of the clouds; cooperation, audit and order. In addition, the joint network allows users to connect and communicate with each other to create and share their unique cloud projects. Reindeer running on a General license, where the data is available to all users.

The Generation Of Tokens

Token Reindeer, also known as RDT, is a token that is compatible with Ethereum ERC-20. The token value is proportional to the design of the cloud collected in a database system. The network intends to maintain a constant flow of tokens RDT, which allow users to easily register their unique cloud projects and contribute to the development of the database.

Selling of tokens and the allocation of funds

Currently the cost of one Reindeer token set at 0.0001 ETH. ICO will start on 20 December 2018 and will run until 4 February 2019. Platform have set the hard cap at 200,000 ETH and soft cap at 4,000 ETH. Tokens RDT will be distributed as follows:

● ICO-50%

● A Fund Holding 20%

● Team – 10%

● Advisors and accelerators-10%

● Bounty — 5%

● The development of community and business — 5%

The platform will distribute the proceeds received from the sale of tokens in the following way:

● Marketing — 40%

●Development — 30%

● Author — 20%

● Legal and administrative issues-8%

● Premium Content — 2%

Reindeer — ensure that large-scale resources for all

Reindeer seeks to develop available ecosystem which allows every person to create and offer valuable online content. The platform provides a wide cloud projects free people, thereby creating equal opportunities for them to use large-scale resources in order to create and share their unique services with the world. This streamlined concept is based on robust technology, including the blockchain and smart contract, which makes the whole process more efficient, secure, reliable and transparent.

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