Reportedly, Reddit removed the option for users to pay for its premium subscription Reddit Gold with Bitcoin. As reported in the appeal from Reddit, such a step is associated with the forthcoming change Coinbase.

BitcoinXo a Reddit user posted a video to give someone Reddit Gold user understanding that the only payment options now are PayPal and credit card.

A Reddit user under the nickname emoney40, moderator of several sections, commented:

“Upcoming changes to Coinbase, combined with some errors regarding option of payment via Bitcoin, has led to the fact that the administration removed the option of payment for the service using Bitcoin.”

“We’re going to look at the demand and watch the Coinbase promotion of Commerce before you decide whether to return this feature”.

The opinion of Reddit users

Some users noted that they did not use BTC as payment for Reddit Gold because of the high transaction fees. However, in February fees BTC has dropped below the price of Bitcoin Cash charges (BCH) which was the main competitor.