In Google Trends recorded abnormally explosive growth in the number of search queries of bitcoin in the market a digital asset does not occur any significant events. In a network there was a version that searches for “Bitcoin” and “BTC” is manipulated, while it is not entirely clear why this is necessary. Based on the analysis of Google Trends recorded a sudden (and abnormally high) interest of users the word “BTC”, the spike on the chart for 5 years looks like a line going up. Anomalous breakthrough was observed on 30 August, and since then the growth trend continues, the number of search queries bitcoin breaks all records for the last five years. It is unusual that the word Bitcoin users did not look for more.

In the network there is a perception that someone is deliberately manipulating search queries to increase interest in the market leader. The greatest number of requests from users comes from Bahamas. It should be noted that the explosive growth in the number of queries in a day is abnormal. Probably, the trading volume of BTC is the best indicator of user interest than Google Trends. In most cases, Internet applications react with a delay to changes that occur in the market of digital assets.