In the structure of RAKIB will be a new Committee on trading. Including in its sphere of action will include training and possible certification bitcoin traders.

Russian Association of cryptocurrency and the blockchain continues to promote a policy of self-regulation of the cryptocurrency sphere.

After RAKIB invited to create your own ICO standards, the representatives of the Association decided to take and for traders. This will create a special Committee on trading, which will perform several functions.

He will prepare the tax and legal framework for the activities of traders and also form the standards of trading. And an important part of the work of the Committee will also create a center of training and advanced training of traders, in which they will be assessed and certified.

RAQIB believes that in Russia today, crypto-trading seriously, there are about 8400 people. The volume market is estimated in 50 billion rubles. In order to RAKIB increase in the proportion of successful traders from 20% to 30%, saving 6 to 10 billion rubles annually.

Honestly, the numbers seem to be taken from the ceiling and yet there is no requirement that traders were required to be trained or certified. But look, maybe RAKIB something will come of it.