The head of Russian Railways said that the company will consider the possibility of using digital currency.

This was told by CEO of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov in an interview with RIA Novosti. He said that the study of the mechanisms and patterns of usage of cryptocurrency is only possible after its legislative consolidation.

If the law cryptocurrency is legitimate, then we will, of course, in this direction. Until that happens – no.

— said Belozerov.

Currently the State Duma is considering two bills that aim to regulate the cryptocurrency market. The draft law “On digital of financial assets” introduces a definition of “cryptocurrency” and “token”. However, it is established that despite the legalization of the currency, it is not legal tender on the territory of the Russian Federation.

To date, the legal status of digital currencies remains uncertain.

Earlier we wrote that in the state Duma introduced a bill that proposes to enshrine the notion of cryptocurrencies in the Civil code of the Russian Federation.