In this article I will refer in detail to the themes of ICO and talk about the new functions crypto exchange QRYPTOS, which now provides the opportunity of holding ICO.

QRYPTOS owned QUOINE Ltd. This leading FINTECH company with representative offices in Japan ( head office ) Vietnam and Singapore. Quoine is the first company licensed by the Japanese financial regulator for opening a cryptocurrency exchange and holding of the ICO. QUOINE also belongs cryptocurrency exchange QUOINEX, giving you the opportunity to trade cryptocurrency to a large number of Fiat currencies. QRYPTOS also allows only cryptocurrency trading. In June 2018, the scheduled opening of the LIQUID platform designed to bring together cryptocurrency exchanges, banks and stock exchange.

What is your current market is ICO?

I will give some statistics.

As can be seen from these graphs is collected in ICO of $ 16.8 billion $2.16 billion collected initially fraudulent projects. $ 335 million collected by projects that were not scams, but are unable to implement their projects. At the same time, more than half of all funds collected in 2018, respectively, the statistics will still change.

For the first 5 months of 2018 was held on the ICO almost as much as for the whole of 2017. ICO market is very active, but has problems that need to be resolved “yesterday”.

Among them are the following :

  1. Deception on the part of the project teams.
  2. Theft collected during the ICO funds by hackers. ( Vivid examples of this PayPro, Taylor and of course the incident with Parity )
  3. The theft of personal data provided by investors in the course of ICO or not the intended use of these data by the project teams.
  4. The lack of liquidity of the token, after conducting the ICO.

A deep understanding of the situation and experience for its successful ICO — QASH token sale ( QUOINE held its ICO in November 2017. it sold 350 million tokens QASH and collected about $ 100 million in just a few days, and the number of tokens for sale was limited and demand exceeded supply) has led to the fact that this service was launched — the ICO Mission Control.

This service is implemented on the platform QRYPTOS, which is the exchange QUOINE created exclusively for crypto trading in 2017.

In the near future the ICO Mission Control will be part of the LIQUID platform, which will bring together the different cryptocurrency exchanges, stock exchange and banking organizations, thereby becoming a kind of aggregator of liquidity.

At the moment, thanks to the ICO Mission Control is ICO FLUZCOIN.

What are the benefits of using the ICO Mission Control ?

For investors.

  1. All projects on the platform are under audit.
  2. Don’t need to do transactions from your wallet, which eliminates errors with “translation is not at that address” and fees for the transaction.
  3. Purchased tokens are immediately uploaded to the listing on QRYPTOS.
  4. All funds are kept in cold wallets.
  5. Insights cryptocurrency do not have the funds of the Commission. ( very often, the output token-ICO from the stock exchange subject to high fees )
  6. Operating support QUOINE.
  7. Access to the platform LIQUID.

For teams ICO.

  1. Access to a huge community QUOINE.
  2. All the QUOINE passed KYC.
  3. Automatic listing of the token.
  4. Working platform ICO Mission Control.
  5. Support team QUOINE.
  6. Marketing support QUOINE.

At the moment, the platform is immediately 3 ICO !!! )