On the Internet appeared an interview with the head of the project Skycoin, who said that his employees engaged in insider trading.

The price of the cryptocurrency fell below the rate of 8.50 dollars. While a week ago the token was trading at $ 15.

Twitter user Jared Dunn posted an audiotape on which the General Director of the project Skycoin tells about the apparently illegal operations in the cryptocurrency space.

“The Executive Director of the Sint admitted to knowing about the current insider trading involving his team and the admins Telegrams channel. It was obvious, as the listing Skycoin on Binance a growth was followed by a powerful dump. Obvious insider trading, and Sint was aware of it,” said the user.

If in the recording will actually be recorded evidence of the violation, the project may be interested in the Commission on securities of the USA.

“This is the information that is of great interest to the SEC. Pure idiocy to not only participate in this, but openly talk about organized pump and dumps Skycoin,” wrote one Reddit user.