Decentraland (MANA) is a platform for virtual reality on the Ethereum blockchain. A similar project we have not yet considered. In Decentraland users can buy land and to receive income from the value they generate on this earth for other users.

Initially, digital real estate Decentraland was presented in the form of pixels on a 2-D grid. Each pixel had the metadata about the owner and described the color. In 2016, created a virtual three-dimensional world. The concept of further development of the project is to create a fully decentralized virtual world.

The area of three-dimensional Decentraland consists of plots of 10×10 meters, each of which represents a unique token LAND (ERC-721), determines the coordinates of the site, the owner and the hash of the file content (the file itself will be stored on a distributed file system IPFS). The owner of such land may acquire new sites just next to his. On the purchased plot, you can upload your 3D models and customize scripts to interact with users. In the end, you can create an entire VR cities and build anything.

Users can also upload their own content sections: pictures, videos, games, and even to postpone the communication of the social networks on the platform.

Smart contract keeps track of who the owner of the site in the virtual world. The owner of each land can determine the content belonging to the area, and also to transfer the right of land ownership to others or smart contracts. 7 Feb launched the service LAND Manager, which allows you to sell land on the secondary market.

The plans for the near future — creating tools for users to interact with each other and with the virtual world in real time – avatars, voice and text messages; development of the payments system; advanced tools for the development of the plots.

Also, the developers Decentraland plan to create the first model of megapolis — the Genesis of the city, which has a structure of three rings with a common center. In the Genesis of the city, much attention will be given to the infrastructure project — creation of streets, parks, family entertainment centers, casinos.

The gaming market demonstrates great interest to the community of decentralized virtual world. The company is confident that thanks to a brilliant team of gamers, secure smart contracts and the talented experts on the blockchain, Decentraland will create the first fully decentralized virtual economy, which will be revolutionary in the gaming industry.

Project partners District0x, Aragon, imToken. Head of investment company Investments Grayscale Barry Silbert also spoke positively about the project.

We appreciated the investment potential of the MANA token along with the Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum Classic ($ETC) and zcash for ($ZEC).

Token MANA

Using tokens MANA users can buy and sell virtual real estate LAND and other goods and services on the platform. During the ICO in August 2017, has received $24 million in less than a minute, many people do not have time to participate in this rapid tokencache. Now buy a token on the stock exchange Binance.

Also in December, was held the first auction for the sale of LAND, called “Terraform”. All proceeds from the sale of 161,483,050 MANA was burned.


Now we have a lifeless planet Decentraland, and we offer to buy cheap land on this planet. It is hoped that through the efforts of the creators of the project, and solutions for scalability of Ethereum blockchain, life on this planet will develop. The VR market will soon become the most important in the entertainment industry, and it is better to prepare for it.