The ether (ETH) is preparing to jump to $1,000 by the end of 2019, this forecast was voiced in the Twitter analyst and trader Benjamin Blunts, saw the signal to repeat the rally of the coin two years ago.

He is confident that the current situation alithina the most famous could be the starting point to repeat its trajectory in the second half of 2017.

Note that the broadcast really started the new week with a flourish. In the night of Tuesday, June 18, the coin is closer to $275. The market capitalization of the ether reached $29,129 billion with daily trading volume of the coin slightly more than $5,815 billion.

The trader compare the movement of the coins in the spring and summer of this year with the dynamics of change of its course in 2017 and came to the conclusion that the two graphs have much in common. The current situation reminds ETH its motion at the beginning of 2017, when for the first time the cryptocurrency has exceeded $100.

Blunts said:

ETH 2017 – a real comparison, if we’ll pay $302, then look, Oh, my gosh

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$eth 2017 — present comparison, if we clear $302, look the fuck out.

I think im having deja-vu here.

no other words necessary, a picture paints a thousand words.

The level of $302 will be the phase resistance, breaking which the coin will begin to move to new heights with even greater speed.

It should be noted that another growth driver ETH will be not only a General activation of investors, but the approaching launch date of the updated Ethereum 2.0.

Earlier it was reported that this event will be held in early January next year. The transition to the updated blockchain will become another step towards consolidation of the air status of major Aldona.

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