Until the last couple of months on the market the crypt reigns a severe manipulation and the cue ball goes in a moment of dramatic candles then down, then up, I would like to talk a little bit about some of the strategy that uses the market maker for cutting hamsters.

One of the commonly used market-maker manipulation of the glass as follows:

In the glass a lot of sell orders, and purchase almost there, when from time to time there are bulk purchase market, which naturally do not appear in the glass.
And in the moment, sell orders are removed from the glass roll on buying, pushing the market up and accelerates upward, sweeping the feet of cortisol.

The same manipulation produced in the opposite direction, luring the buy orders in the glass and then rapidly remove the bulk of the buy orders and put them to sell, pushing the market down.

And here’s another manipulation with the glass:

In the glass exhibited a large order, for example, on the sale, thereby showing the presence of a large seller.

And this large order-an iceberg slowly pushes the price to the level where a market maker comfortable purchased.
Then, having reached this level, start buying on the market at a decent volume, and order-an iceberg is removed and often even turns in the opposite direction (in our case, a purchase) for dispersal rates in the opposite direction (in this case, up).

To mention a larger trending movement, and crypto-market-is an absolute trend theme, it is worth mentioning that globally, the whole market of the crypts consists of a series of pampow and dumps:

And on the daily chart we can see how surperiority altcoins and Bitcoin, which last year grew steadily at the expense of pushing the market-maker market up and infusion volumes gave a new impulse up, which naturally pleased the bulls-investors.

And in 2018, the bulls not once hoped that “here it is, cherished.” But the market maker just gave a little hope, tossing the volumes to distribute on weekly chart, and then merged and sharply in the moment increasing the volume on the selling pressing the market lower and lower.

Of course, the time will come when the market maker ceases to feed the bearish trend, which this year brought him a very decent profit and, after some time, there’s a reversal, which bears that are already too accustomed to their raspberry bushes do not immediately understand.

But when new happens here and feast on crypto-investors know only the market-maker, and his secrets he will not share and will likely deploy a new upward more steadily.