Tokenization assets — a new trend in 2018. She quickly became a widespread tool in the field of blockchain. More and more companies engaged in the development and implementation of this technology. Tokenization has become a popular tool for working with digital assets in new fast-growing markets.

6 Feb project MediaToken launched BANKEX, which will tokenservice account in Instagram, and will give you the opportunity to profit from ads in your account. Turismospain became the first Instagram account using this innovative tool, its tokens have already been issued and sold on the stock exchange.

BANKEX from MediaToken

Before the project BANKEX was not efficient infrastructure on which to build a fair and transparent marketplace for bloggers and advertisers on social networks. There is a problem of unequal allocation of advertising funds among popular accounts. According to the project developers, MediaToken will provide an objective assessment of any Instagram account and calculate the amount of funding that it can attract.

The problem faced by bloggers Instagram is the limited sources of financing and non-transparent pricing methods. For example, some people get a million subscribers and start earning up to $ 500,000 per message. But the income gap among bloggers is huge: some have millions of subscribers, and some dream about a few thousands. But the bloggers that have less than 100,000 subscribers, can be more attractive to some advertisers than accounts with more than 1 million subscribers.

— Igor Khmel, head of the project BANKEX

The mechanism of MediaToken very simple: Instagram account is placed in the blockchain-a chain. This process is called tokenization. The technology processes the data of the account and will estimate the amount of funding that account can attract from investors. Then licenzirovanie account appears on the stock exchange BANKEX, where he can see investors from all over the world. MediaToken now accepting applications and is open to cooperation with bloggers and investors.

Why Instagram

The Instagram platform was chosen MediaToken because, currently, it is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. In 2017, Instagram has doubled the number of its users compared with the year 2016. It is expected that revenue from advertising on the platform will reach $ 10 billion in 2019.

MediaToken made one of the most important steps on the way to the tokenization of the world. Technically, this will give each blogger the opportunity to achieve their goals, regardless of the number of subscribers. Service BANKEX effectively assesses the possible amount of funds. Subsequently, the blogger uses to promote their account, while the system will provide the investor’s profit after promotion. Tokens can be traded on the stock exchange BANKEX. This is a fairly simple procedure for beneficial cooperation of all participants.