6 March 2018 guide on blockchain platform BitRent held the closed presentation to key investors and heads of construction departments in the UAE. The event was called “BitRent Private Conference”.

Who was involved?

Agreements of intent and commitment were signed by well-known developers UAE: Damac, Dubai Property, 22 carats, Kempinski, Virtue GI.

The conference was attended by investors, the General condition which according to Forbes exceeds 15 000 000 000 $ USA. The event was attended by Sheikh Saif al Mansouri, Sheikh Sultan al Nuaimi, investors Mahendra Patel. Invited guests included:

  • Abdulkarim Safwan, Vice-President of Damac;
  • Mohamed Mahgoub, chamber of Commerce;
  • Saif Al-Mansuri, Mansuri Ben Company;
  • The Detained Human Rights Defender Mahmoud, Director, Dubai Properties Group;
  • Alexander Putilin, a private investor;
  • Mohamed Fawad Akber the General Director of the AIP;
  • Mahendra Patel, a member of GEAP group;
  • Maria Marchenko, founder Capric Media;
  • Partner Of Saif Al Mansouri — Mansouri Bin Company
  • Pradeep Padmanabhan, Director of group OBS;

The Purpose BitRent Private Conference

The main purpose of the presentation set by the creators of the project Dmitry Starovoitov, Igor Pavlov and Vadim Dalat was to assemble the leaders of the clubs crypto, blockchain funds and leading experts in the construction industry, as well as to create favorable conditions for establishing business relations. The presentation of the unique construction blockchain platform and the first object licenzirovanie allowed to reveal the potential BitRent for the development of the construction industry and demonstrate a convergence point of the real estate sector and cryptoeconomy.

The platform will help to solve the main problems of the construction market, such as secrecy and conservatism. This will give investors the opportunity not only to invest money, but also to fully control the construction of any facilities.

The advantages of the platform

One of the key benefits BitRent is the low entry threshold. This allows to draw virtually unlimited number of participants on any construction projects. The security of transactions on the platform guaranteed Bloccano, smart contracts, BIM and RFID technologies.

Participants receive full access to the database under construction, can choose the object for the parameters of interest, vote for prioritizing projects, tracking the stages of the construction process in real time. BitRent has no geographical reference. Anyone can invest in projects around the world.

Investors not only get to 30% return on investment, but also become owners of the shares of the construction sites. Financial resources invested in the projects of the platform, protected from currency fluctuations. And accurate procedure of investing and building control is extremely simple and transparent.

Construction companies can join at any stage of construction. They get access to the database of participants and the right to represent the participants of the platform and thus attract investment.

What was presented?

The founders BitRent presented functional capabilities of the platform, as well as representatives of strategic partner, construction giant Megaline introduced the first object — Unity Towers.

Unity Towers is a complex of three skyscrapers, combining the functions of a residential complex, hotels, modern business co-working, the IT-hub with adjacent structures with separate Parking for 450 places. The complex will be located in a resort area with direct access to the Black sea. This will be one of the key advantages for investors when choosing investment property.

About BitRent

The participants of the platform known as the owners RNTB-tokens (cryptocurrency BitRent) have the right to directly influence the speed of construction selected construction projects. They can control the stock in projects at their own discretion, to buy and sell square meters.

“RNTB, it is a token of the utility, payment method platform with lots of features. 2018 a year of “semantic token”, when every crypto currency is a real business and real sector of economy”, — says the founder of a platform Dmitry Starovoitov.

Read more about the features BitRent you can find on the official website https://bitrent.uk/.