The leaders of the company who stole electricity for the production of cryptocurrencies on the territory of an abandoned factory in the Orenburg region, had to pay damages of an electric grid company in the amount of 78 million rubles. In addition, the court decided to pay the fine.

A statement from the staff of the energy company came to the police last month. They recorded a loss of electricity on the territory of the former factory of Orenburg. The police learned that abandoned buildings equipment connected to the mains. They also noticed the power cables that led to substations located near.

As a result, opened a criminal case under article “Causing of property damage by deception or abuse of trust.” In the message of regional management of the interior Ministry said that the equipment used for the production of cryptocurrency. After the establishment of the persons involved in the embezzlement, Industrial district court of Orenburg appointed them a penalty of 200 thousand rubles each.

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