According to forecasts of the head of the deVere Group Nigel green (Nigel Green), in the next 10 years the market capitalization of the stock market will increase by 5000% and will reach $20 trillion. The bitcoin will lose its dominant role, and the lead will be released Ripple and Ethereum.

As of date, the capitalization of the stock market is $209 billion, and the index of dominance of bitcoin – 53,8%.

According to Greene, bitcoin implemented in the world “scriptorially” by changing the way the world deals with money. In future, the influence and dominance of bitcoin will decrease as the value of the stock market as a whole – to grow.

“I believe that during the second decade of the existence of bitcoin its influence and dominance in the cryptocurrency sector will decline sharply. The reason for this will be the fact that the growth of mass use of crypto-currencies will run more and more digital assets – how organizations from the private and public sectors. This will lead to increased competition for bitcoins and reduce its market share”

Among other reasons – better technology, functionality and problem-solving from the competing cryptocurrencies, such as Ripple and Ethereum.

“I believe that XRP will become a major digital asset that in the next few years bitcoin will be taken away from part of market share because of its clear focus on integration with banks and other financial institutions”

This year Ripple have managed to get around Ethereum and to take second place
in the ranking of CoinMarketCap, but then he kept going back for the third
the position where he is today.