Cryptocurrency Facebook – Libra – will be in demand among users of the social network, because it solves the issues of access to banking services and quick cash transfers, Russian experts believe.

The creation of cryptocurrencies and crypto will the division of social Calibra. Product launch is scheduled for 2020. Wallet will be available in Messenger, WhatsApp, and a standalone application. Cryptocurrency will allow you to pay for goods and services and transfer funds.

What do you think about the prospects of a new crypto project, Russian experts?

“I think cryptocurrency will be enough demand. Success depends on the quality of the binding regular money. Most likely, they’ll succeed”, – said the President of the analytical Agency “Biznesprom”, member of state Duma expert Council on digital economy Arseniy Poyarkov.

The expert portal DeCenter.Org Julia Handoko noted that cryptocurrency Facebook will be able to solve the main problems people face when making payments.

“They solve the issue of people who have basically no access to banking (and there are 1.7 billion worldwide) and a long question of cross-border transfers (3-5 days) with great commissions. Of course, Libra is very much in demand. The world is home to millions of migrants, and people who need to send money to a friend abroad. Now the choice is between a slow and expensive Western Union, MoneyGram and so on,” said Handoko.

Agree with her, the independent expert Mansur Guseynov:

“Given the enormous scope of the messengers project is doomed to success. To slow down it maybe that Facebook as a large company is forced to fully comply with the laws of the countries where it operates. This means that a full launch in Russia, China, India and other countries will not be soon. Plus in the Treasury – they make stablein, that is, the volatility will be much lower. Users can not be afraid of devaluation”.

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