The new feature comes with several conditions: minimum Deposit for this service is $ 50, and the Simplex takes a 5% fee for processing.

OKCoin , a leading exchange of digital assets focused on the disposal, announced today that it has partnered with the Simplex, a FinTech company, providing solutions for payment processing to allow international users to make deposits in US dollars with a debit or credit card.

This feature is available to users outside of Europe, China and the United States, and in the future it is planned to expand its functionality.

From now until July 1, 2019, 23:59 Pacific time, OKCoin BTC will give $ 50 to new users who use their debit or credit card to make a Deposit in the amount of $ 50 plus a Deposit of any amount support the digital asset.

“Traders and companies come in OKCoin to fluidly convert between the specified currencies and modern digital assets. Our users are asking about debit and credit cards, and we are happy to provide them with a new payment method. As we welcome the Simplex among our existing banking and financial partners, our goal still is to make the process of crypto-trade strong and fast as never before “.

— CEO of OKCoin, Tim Byung

Simplex combines AI and their own algorithms for fraud detection for the analysis of each transaction, except in cases of fraud and false rejected transactions.

“Simple and quick credit card payments for the major users are the key factor for wider application of cryptography in General. We are very glad to cooperate with OKCoin and together provide a much better, quick and easy experience.”

— Nimrod of Lehavi, co-founder and CEO of Simplex

This is just one of several updates that OKCoin has made in recent months to make the buying and selling of tokens more accessible to people around the world.

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