Now I think it is very important to provide the full current context, to consider their causes and to determine expectations.

Although no one can precisely calculate the evolution of the market, there are a number of reasons why many of us were expecting a change of cycle in 2019. To begin with, I mean only the cycles of altcoins. From January 2019 the vast majority of altcoins dropped against BTC more than 90% and against the USD by more than 95%, due to the loss of BTC for about 85% of the cost. Reduced to $3000 dropped BTC on the levels of July 2017. Those who came in the crypto sphere then saw an inverse correlation between BTC and Althingi, when BTC was ATH updated on a weekly timeframe and altcoins dropping. All continued until December 2017, when BTC peaked at around $20.000, has continued and has given space to the violas at the beginning of a new bullish cycle. This has led to the strongest in the history of altcoins bullish rally against the USD, the culmination of which was the achievement of a market capitalization of $ 840 billion. in January, 2018.

Thus, it is not surprising that many people believe in hardness inverse relation between altcoins and BTC during a bull market rally (although the bear market came due to the direct correlation between them). This assumption is wrong. For the past 5 years I have seen all possible examples of the relationship between the violas and BTC: selling during bullish cycles and direct during bearish. I saw all altcoins are rising at the same time (January 2018) and individual random cycles that developed within a larger bullish period (from spring to autumn 2014, and from spring to autumn 2017). In fact, from a historical point of view, the period spring-summer was the most bullish for altcoins. I

Now back to the relationship between Alta and the BTC, which one looks more reasonable for those who manipulate market prices? Sure, most of the price movements caused by the greed and fear of missed opportunities, but we can’t deny the presence of manipulators in altonah. So are they more profitable?

It appears that the bullish cycles during consolidation/reducing BTC are the best option: cheap to buy BTC to Fund manipulation, and the prices are in pair with BTC can grow because of small capitalization, which leads to even higher profits. This profit brings more BTC, you can keep it until the next bull cycle and then sell for USD, when the required price is reached again. This is the perfect scenario for all manipulators in the markets altcoins. However, this is not a very common scenario, which requires the presence of several factors. Thus, this scenario is possible and probable because of the recent bear market.

As we noted earlier, now BTC is cheap, as it was in the second quarter of 2017. Most altcoins now even cheaper than they were then. Does it seem reasonable that regardless of possible changes in the prices of Bitcoin in the future, approximately the next three months, we get a change of cycle in altonah caused by the need for earnings at the last bear market? However, unlike the bullish rally altcoins in 2018, when it was necessary to watch the prices in the pair to USD, due to the decrease in BTC, now we need to focus on pairs to BTC.

The next bullish rally is not going to be like in January 2018. Instead, I am sure we will see how people will wait goals Aldona in pair with USD, yet in the end will not be trapped after the price drop. Now you need to pay attention to the prices in BTC while it remains relatively cheap.

Summing up, I see the development of the market in the following way: pairs of altcoins to BTC will go through the next bullish cycle, the WTO as BTC will remain relatively stable within a certain corridor. Then BTC will be released from the channel, which will lead to a stronger movement to the $6,000, while violas will decrease. The first test of resistance fails, that will lead to another reduction in as BTC and altcoins, as the market is forming a higher bottom on the higher timeframe to the third quarter of 2019, before the start of a new bullish macro cycle (against USD) at the end of this year or the first quarter of 2020.

P. S: don’t forget to take profits!