The developers of NEM token, the company’s specialists Foundation, officially announced the launch of a new version of its own blockchain called Catapult or mijin v.2.

The project was in development for two and a half years. About 5 months ago began checking the blockchain in the test mode. Now the developers of NEM are ready to show kryptomere new blockchain. While limited access to the blockchain have customers and partners Foundation, but soon the blockchain will be included in the mass.

Catapult is a multi — blockchain engine as for public and private networks. It supports various plug-ins on the basis of smart contracts, which allow you to create a protected digital assets, implement decentralized swaps, to conduct advanced accounting for and modeling the business logic.

катапульта NEM

“We believe that the new blockchain platform Catapult is a future popular corporate and organizational structures. Catapult is not just an improvement of NEM blockchain. This is a significant step for the industry, opening up new functionality databases on the blockchain”, — said the President of Foundation LON Wong.

The developers claim that they managed to create such unique instruments allowing to implement different solutions that could not be made on any blockchain.

Besides the fact that the blockchain will increase transaction speed and improve network scalability, Catapult is the aggregated transactions and tiered accounts with multipoles.

In 2018, the Foundation plans to spend more than $ 40 million for the financing of global programmes for the modernization of the blockchain.

Blockchain compounds can be used internally or jointly with partners in the cloud environment or other environments with shared data. A block diagram of mijin creates a secure data exchange environment with high performance, zero downtime and verifiable data, while reducing the cost of traditional infrastructure.

Blockchain mijin was tested as a mechanism with high capacity in financial institutions, e-money systems used for user authentication, registration of land and property, tracking, logistics and tracking products.

After the official announcement about the launch of the project, the rate of NEM began to grow rapidly, and in half an hour was up 7%. At the time of writing, the daily growth amounted to 1,51%. The token is on the 14th place in the ranking of cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Its cost reaches to 0.28 dollars.

курс NEM