According to experts, the rising prices of bitcoin and altcoins will raise the profitability of mining and the rise in price of computer components, including graphics card.

5 months ago, after a year’s drop, bitcoin has bounced from the second bottom and started upward movement. From day to day, the coin crosses the line of the first bottom at around $6900.

The achievement level of the first floor will have a positive impact on the market of altcoins, price recession which was delayed: many of them still continue to decline in price, despite five months of price growth of the cryptocurrency the number one.

The growth of bitcoin will impact on the market of semiconductor technology. The sector needs funds for further development and a new round of rapid demand for all types of components. At the beginning of this year, analysts Advanced Micro Devices (the largest manufacturer of integrated electronics integrated circuit) predicted the exhaustion of stocks of the cards in the second half of 2019.

Of course, they have some insider market info, as AMD, and Nvidia, early in the century was one of the originators of the market of equipment for mining and distributed computing. Already in 2005, in their presentations to analysts, AMD has noted not only the performance of graphics cards in the games, but reported that the cards can be used for physical calculations. Then it was a strange model, but in our days everybody knows about mining.

In addition, the domination of bitcoin is approaching the level of 60%, and the attention of players may apply to altcoins, which are only on Coinmarketcap, there are over 2000.


Thus, with high probability in the near future we can expect another increase in prices of altcoins and increasing profitability of mining. These factors will cause an increased demand for computer accessories, primarily video card, and the new price increase.

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