Yesterday cryptocorne began to spread rumors about the hacking of popular purse. Fears were confirmed, cyber criminals managed to replace the original site for phishing.

Multiple DNS servers where the domain name of the site MyEtherWallet, was under attack. The attackers used the BGP Protocol, designed to redirect Internet traffic to Route 53 from Amazon (the world’s largest cloud provider).

For 2 hours, the hackers intercepted the traffic. The victims of the attack, most likely, have ignored the lack of SSL certificate in the browser. The attackers managed to get a certain number of tokens, of reliable the amount specified.

While it is known that the users of the service MEW lost about 152 thousand dollars stolen tokens were mixed and transferred into smaller wallets.

All cryptologist actively responded to the problem in the network quickly spread warnings about hacking and requests not to go into your account wallet until they remove the glitch in the system.

Now the developers of crypto are working to identify the servers that were attacked, as quickly as possible to solve all the problems. Also, the developers report that the service has returned to normal operation.