Fans of cryptocurrency are complaining of two things: low Bitcoin exchange rate and unintuitive interfaces purses. And if the first item in control of Satoshi Nakamoto and other whales, the second can be something to do. The master class showed the developers MyEtherWallet or MEW. Users with the new design and other pleasant trifles. Understand the points.

For beginning programmers shared their vision of the cool user experience of interaction, i.e. UX. Yes, the latter has a beautiful color scheme, cute buttons and readable fonts, but there is something more important. The developers there are three things:

  • the interface should be understandable for everyone. He must not turn back in the direction of avid geeks, as well as to remind coloring pages for kids. An intermediate option with support and educational materials;
  • invasion of privacy is excluded. MEW does not store user data, is not tracking their behavior, email, demographics, etc.;
  • safety first. Here everything is clear.

Sounds promising. And now about new items.

The contents

  • 1 New design MEW
  • 2 Intuitiveness and confidence
  • 3 New UI wallet
  • 4 New partners
  • 5 the long-Awaited innovation
  • 6 Other blackany
  • 7 Decentralized applications
  • 8 How does MEWconnect
  • 9 For the conservatives

New design MEW

The site looks completely different. The first screen immediately offers to create a new wallet or login in the existing one.

Source: MyEtherWallet

Members of the team created a redesign with the idea about all the categories of users: both experienced and beginners.

Experienced users will quickly and easily find everything you need. Thus new visitors will feel the warmth and the ability to solve all problems that may arise.

Intuitiveness and confidence

Access to the purse is divided into four tabs: MEWconnect, hardware devices, MetaMask and personal data. The latter category represent a private key and a mnemonic phrase. To use them the developers do not recommend, and then write about it.

The new interface of the wallet

After logging in users have access to all necessary functions. Starting balance check and exchange coins and ending with smart contracts. Re-login not needed — everything will work until you click the exit button in the upper right corner.

Source: MyEtherWallet

The balances of the wallets are updated automatically and without the need for third-party extensions. In addition, MEW is V5 notification, so nothing to worry about the status of the transaction will not have to. The list of last open tap on the icon of a bell.

Source: MyEtherWallet

New partners

Now MEW has partnered with Changelly, who joined Bity and Kyber Network. As a result, now exchange tokens inside the platform even easier, safer and faster.

The new page for swaps — not just a tool for the exchange of coins. In fact, this cryptocurrency market, which will help to conduct a transaction at the most favorable price. Beginners will be useful for Simplex. With him to buy ETH enough credit cards.

Source: MyEtherWallet

Long-awaited innovations

Tokens on the platform enough, now there are more than 1100. You can select the appropriate task of a search box, which all have been requested. It will take a few seconds.

Another important update is the integration of SafeSend. Function redirects outgoing funds for a smart contract, while Coral Protocol verifies the reliability of the recipient’s address. This will prevent accidental sending money to the fraudsters.

Other blackany

MEW is not limited to one bloccano Ethereum. It also supports alternative node ELO, CLO, Ropsten Testnet and Görli chains. Switch from purse, and to do it without re-entering password. Previously, it was necessary to enter each time anew.

Decentralized applications

From the Dapps has a new page. With its help, the creators of MEW V5 want to go to the future of the decentralized ecosystem. Over time, the supported applications will be more as the developers promise to establish new relationships.

Source: MyEtherWallet

How does MEWconnect

Still good. To create a wallet with your smartphone, run the application, come up with a good password and confirm it. Then do a backup and record led-the phrase of 24 words. The last stage is the QR code inside the web version to pair account.

Source: MEWconnect

For conservatives

If the new design does not like is not a problem. Old website is available, and it is called vintage.

Source: MyEtherWallet