A resident of Novosibirsk was not able to 30 million rubles under the contract on the mining of cryptocurrencies for the Moscow company. August 9 Central district court of Novosibirsk has posted the decision in the case of arbitration dispute IT.

In 2017 Novosibirsk programmer Kovalenko signed with the Moscow company “Konda” contract, which had mined cryptocurrency sites electrum.org and poloniex.com involvement opportunities cloud miners for a total amount of 30 million rubles, and then pass the username and password from the private offices at will.

The programmer has fulfilled its obligations, but the customer “Konda” was not to pay and novosibirets has addressed in arbitration court.

In April 2018 arbitration, the arbiter issued a writ for the recovery of 30 million with the company “Konda”, the arbitration agreement was allegedly signed by the Director of the Konda Vitali Infantry. However, in October 2018, the Moscow Arbitration court has proved that Vitali Infantry could not be the Director of the Konda at that time, and his signature on the arbitration agreement cannot be considered legally significant.

“Thus, at the time of the signing of Infantry, V. V. arbitration agreement on behalf of OOO “Konda” with Kovalenko R. G., the person had no relevant legal authority to enter into and sign on behalf of the society of the arbitration agreement, in connection with such arbitration agreement is considered not prisoner,” – said the Central district court.

March 25, 2019 Central district court decided to cancel the decision of the arbitrator for the recovery of over 30 million rubles in favor of Novosibirsk miner.