The Moscow authorities plan to carry out a pilot electronic voting in elections to student councils of the universities at the end of June 2019. This will test methods that can be applied on elections of the mayor of the city, reported the news Agency TASS reported on 6 may.

The project aims to test with the support of the Department of information technology (DIT) and Mosgorizbirkoma.

Deputy chief of DIT Artem Kostyrko said that the technical specifications of the pilot program will go for approval to the Moscow electoral Commission in mid-may. Once the necessary legislation is adopted and the Commission will adopt the specifications, the CIO will publish a program.

The city Council of Moscow introduced a bill on the use of the blockchain in the system of e-voting in February. At the end of April the state Duma approved a draft law allowing the city Council to hold a vote during the next elections on 8 September. It is planned to protect the process and results with the help of technology a distributed registry (distributed ledger technology, DLT).

In March, the party “United Russia” launched a platform for e-voting on the basis of the blockchain.

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