The price of the cryptocurrency in just a day has risen by almost 20%. Analysts attribute this to abnormal demand, which could be the result of transactions made trading robots
The cost of bitcoin per day has risen by nearly 20%, follows from data of the auction. According to some experts, the jump caused by a short-term surge in demand due to one-time purchase unknown 20 thousand BTC ($94.5 million at current exchange rates).

The day before, April 1, the exchange rate of bitcoin stood at about $4170. However, on 2 April began a rapid rise in price. The course at a time jumped to about $5.1 thousand, and then began a gradual decline. To 18:00 Moscow time the exchange rate of bitcoin stood at about $4.8 thousand As noted by Newsbtc, the jump to 15% of the value of the bitcoin happened in just one hour.

Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, CEO of cryptocurrency company BCB Group, told Reuters that the result of the auction could be associated with several major transactions for the purchase of bitcoins. The purchase was conducted through the American stock exchanges Coinbase and Kraken, and Bitstamp Luxembourg. According to the expert, it was a single, algorithmically driven ordering. Such an order could make a trading robot. Just an unknown buyer purchased 20 thousand BTC. That the reason for the growth rate could be automatic purchases by computer systems, writes Bloomberg.

Service representative CryptoCompare announced that, in connection with abnormal leap year, the number of bitcoin transactions has increased several times, up to 6 million per hour. With bitcoin has grown significantly and other cryptocurrencies. The value of altcoins and Ethereum Ripple rose by about 10%.

The cost of bitcoin are skyrocketing in the fall of 2017, nearly $20 thousand However, the year of the cryptocurrency fell by 4.4 times. In November 2018 the price of bitcoin fell below $4 thousand

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