The Russians massively sell their GPU farms and asik

The crisis in the cryptocurrency market have not only affected the Chinese miners. Due to the rapid fall of Bitcoin, which began a week ago, the Russian cryptomnesia also actively sell their farms for mining. This is reported by journalists of Kommersant with reference to the advertising service “Yula”. Just a day after the price drop of Bitcoin is the number of messages about selling there rigs rose by a quarter.

How much do mining in Russia

Representatives of the platform for the ads told about some interesting regularities. In the second half of November, the keywords “card” and “Asic Antminer” increased by 12 and 32 percent, respectively.

But the total statistics for a longer period of time shows a decline in the popularity of cards among the users of the platform. Since January of this year, they are 24 percent less likely to looking for sale ads for GPU mining. The word “mining” (like “Bitcoin”) already in November looking for four times less than in the beginning of 2018.

Note that now fall heraty as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The complexity of the main crypto-currencies will soon decline due to the massive power of ASIC miners, while Ethereum does not want to produce because of almost zero profitability

The miners themselves seem too disappointed in the industry and trying to push their equipment cheaper. The average cost of goods associated with mining, fell by almost two times from 154 to 86 thousand rubles. In December, Julia was 4.3 times more ads about the sale of cryptoform.

By tradition, most often their farms were sold to Muscovites (nearly half of all ad), the inhabitants of St. Petersburg (14% of submissions) and Yekaterinburg (5% of submissions).