Police arrested a group of suspects for theft of electricity to service a cryptocurrency mining farm. According to Cointelegraph, the police traced the network of 49 computers in the premises of the former energy company PGH Elektro in the German town of Klingenthal. 2017 rig consumes as much electricity as used by 30 homes. The damage energy companies is estimated at about 250 thousand dollars. According to local resource FreiePresse, 30 of the 49 computers were equipped with special equipment for the production of coins. In total during the arrest police found 80 powerful graphics cards and arrested four men and a woman.

Such incidents are recorded more often in the Asian region. For example, in December of last year in Taiwan have arrested a suspect in the theft of electricity at $ 3 million for mining Bitcoin and Ethereum. He had mined coins for 14.5 million dollars. To hide the leakage of electricity, the employer hired electricians and for bribes to let the power cables in the trade center, bypassing the counter.

In October, another Chinese citizen was sentenced to 3.5 years of imprisonment for theft of electricity from the train station. A man was stealing electricity from one of the substations of the enterprise Kouquan Railway from November 2017. Thus he provides the food for their 50 mining rigs.

Also in may last year on a similar two staff headquarters of the Ukrainian national police in Rivne, they four months mainile cryptocurrency in the workplace. Then investigators confiscated a total of 8 cards, 6 power supplies, 2 hard drives, motherboard, and system unit Assembly.