According to bitcoin advocate and CEO of Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz, cryptocurrency social network Facebook will not have any impact on the ecosystem of BTC.

We will remind, in the end of last week there were reports that the company Facebook is planning in the first quarter of next year to issue its own token, and called it GlobalCoin.

For this guide giant he founded in Switzerland the company Libra, through which will run the new digital asset. The operation of this coin will be bypassing the banking system, but with the payment operators.

Mike Novogratz is confident that cryptocurrency Facebook will evolve qualitatively in a different direction than bitcoin, so the largest coin is practically nothing to lose from the introduction of GlobalCoin.

Speaking on the TV channel CNBC, the CEO of Galaxy Digital stressed that the introduction of cryptocurrency social network will have a positive impact on the development of the whole industry. In fact, the massive use of GlobalCoin can become one of factors of growth of the blockchain industry, as in the Facebook ecosystem will begin the transition of the majority of social network users.

In the end, the number of holders of digital assets in the world will increase dramatically.

It is worth noting that the us Senate has asked the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and urged him to promptly report on risks the launch of a new token.

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“Facebook is wildly important for the ecosystem” — @novogratz on #cryptocurrency “Bitcoin is not going to be a payment currency. Bitcoin is going to be a stored value just like gold.”

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