Cointelegraph got the chance to talk to mark Edge (Mark Edge), the man who introduced Roger Vera (Roger Ver) with bitcoins, and a leading radio “Free Talk Live”. It was hard to miss Mark at the North American bitcoin conference-he looked like he came off the movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. But, unlike Monty Python, mark is not a joke.

Free Talk Live Mark — one of the first media zagovorila about bitcoin, and he was one of the early members of the crypto community. Most of the media talked about bitcoin before 2013, with the exception of Wired, spoke about BTC in 2011.

For the first time mark began studying bitcoin in February 2011 when he was contacted Gavin Andresen (Gavin Andresen). Gavin Andresen — a software developer who graduated from Princeton in 1988. It Satoshi Nakamoto has been appointed the lead developer of the reference implementation.

Lunch at Thai Garden

Gavin sent Mark an email on 8 February 2011, stating that he wants to have lunch with him to discuss “a new currency”. Mark met Gavin at the Thai Garden in Keene, new Hampshire, USA. Andresen began with the fact that Brand told details about the new currency, and for the first time he heard the word “bitcoin”.

Although the world of digital currency still continues to confuse people, in 2011, digital assets was a completely alien concept. When Gavid and mark had dined, bitcoin was only two years old, and he even broke the threshold of $1. Mark asked Gavin questions such as «what he achieved» and «what if the government tries to clean it up?“but by the end of the conversation, Gavin managed to convince Marc that bitcoin has a certain viability.

At the end of lunch Andresen wanted to pay for a meal in bitcoins. He sent Mark 25 BTC at the time, bitcoin was worth 40 cents, and the whole sum amounted to about $ 10.

“Hey, mark, could you send me one of their addresses I promised to give you money for lunch in bitcoin, and I want to repay the debt before the bitcoin price will rise even more (when we dined, it cost 40 cents and is now trading more than $1)”.

“From: Marc Edge

Date: Tuesday, 15 February 2011, 13:40.

Subject: Re: amplifier, bitcoin developer…

To: Gavin Andresen


This is good news for everyone!»

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As you can see in the emails above, as a wallet mark chose at the time website that turned out to be a Scam. July 29, 2011, the company closed the site when they realized that their systems hacked. Presumably, the canadian website was hacked and hackers got away with 51% of the total funds.

4 Aug 2011 the site opened again to publish the incident report, where users reported the security breach. A few days later, representatives of the MyBitcoin made a statement, which said that 51% of all funds were stolen, the service switches for external control and that they will begin the process of return of 49% of the funds to each user.

Roger on the radio

After lunch with Gavin mark went home, started a small research and talked that night about bitcoin on the radio. It so happened that in the audience was Roger Ver, ex-CEO Roger heard mark discussed bitcoin and interested in the new currency.

“I am looking for the history Cointelegraph an email in which you said you heard about bitcoin on Free Talk Live. I have so many letters from you that can be hard to find. Can you please be quick to confirm it for the screenshot?””I’m 100% sure that I first heard about bitcoin, listening to Free Talk Live”.

At the time Ver run ads on Free Talk Live But deep in bitcoin, Roger decided to change your advertising bag; advertising instead Ver interested in the bitcoin is on the radio.

29 APR 2011 Roger turned to Free Talk Live about the launch of advertising in the air. Roger expected to pay for the is bitcoin bitcoin and asked whether it is acceptable method of payment. Although Free Talk Live never took the cryptocurrency to pay for advertising, they agreed to the proposal of Roger.

“From: Ian Freeman

Sent: Thursday, 28 April 2011 at 22:11

To: Roger Ver

CC: Mark Edge

Subject: Re: outside the system activism


You will be advertising bitcoin site?


“From: Roger Ver

Sent: Thursday, 28 April 2011 at 22:14

To: “Ian Freeman»

Subject: Re: outside the system activism

Mainly I want to advertise the idea of bitcoin.

For the most part anonymous P2P digital currency, which over the past few months has tripled in price.

Their domain”.

From this moment on Free Talk Live has started to accept payments from advertisers in bitcoin. From the first run and as long as BTC did not cost $1 000, Free Talk Live has received approximately 50% of the revenue in bitcoins. But after the collapse of the exchange Mt. Gox in 2014, advertisers abandoned the use of bitcoin for about three years. Now that the market has intensified, mark estimates that nearly 85% of their advertisers pay in bitcoin.

The little station played a major role

Perhaps the fact that Roger Ver came across bitcoin while listening to a show on Free Talk Live, may seem small, but it was of great importance for the current state of the industry. Roger Ver, a prominent figure in kriptonyte, and he was one of the first to see that bitcoin will change the world. Ver used that knowledge to tell all about BTC and invest in its associated company in 2011.

Roger invested $1 million into blockchain startups, such as Ripple,, Bitpay and Kraken, when these projects were at an early stage of development, and established platforms such as allowing people to buy bitcoin and consumer goods.

Being an early supporter of cryptomeria, Roger earned the nickname “Bitcoin Jesus.” In 2012 he was one of the five founders of the Bitcoin Foundation, an organization founded to standardize, protect and promote the use of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If Roger had not heard about bitcoin on Free Talk Live, it is quite possible that some major event would never have happened, and the current industry leaders would not have received from Roger investing. If not mark and Free Talk Live, Roger, you might never have learned about bitcoin and became an early investor in such companies as the crypto currency exchange BitInstant.

about mark

Mark edge at the North American bitcoin conference.
Photo Louie Kang

Marc says bitcoin is Fiat currency, because it is not backed by gold. One of the main reasons why mark supports bitcoin, is that the government will not be able to generate more BTC to Fund new wars. To bitcoin mark has paid close attention to alternative currencies like the Liberty dollar (the free dollar).

Now mark is a pig farmer in new Hampshire, where, he says, activists are daily transacting in bitcoin.

“If I had hired someone to work on the farm and offered a silver coin, then no one would disagree. Now I propose a cryptocurrency, and people are happy to take it.”

As digital currencies become more popular, mark found that more and more people call to talk about bitcoin and ask her questions.

“This show is not about the cryptocurrency, but many people want to talk about them.”