The Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) agreed not to take the attitude of the American crypto currency exchange Poloniex legislative measures in that case, if it is bought bitcoin startup Circle. This is evidenced by page presentation of the closed Circle, caught in a New York Times journalist Nathaniel Popper.

“Circle has notified the SEC about the deal and noted that after its conclusion we will begin the registration process for new licensed broker/dealer organizations at the SEC and FINRA. The SEC is very positive about our approach and noted that they would not in this case to adopt legislative measures in respect of past activities”, — the document says.

In the paragraph “the First adjustable crypto currency exchange in the United States” also notes that startup Circle “can provide the platform and add to listing all kinds of digital tokens, including deemed securities”.

“The SEC has stated that most of the token-ICO — unregistered securities, and noted that exchanges like Poloniex likely to violate relevant laws”, wrote Popper earlier.

“Apparently, SEC it says that there’s nothing wrong in breaking the rules, if you buy a legal player before we for you hard to take”, — said the journalist of the NYT.

We will remind, on February 26 well-known bitcoin startup Circle announced the purchase of American popular cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex, which aims to become “a key element of the product line of the company.” The transaction amount was not disclosed, however, according to editor Robert Hackett, Fortune, Circle paid for the purchase of Poloniex $400 million.